What is the difference between our black gel coat and clear gel coat finish?

The Maier EV parts are made with carbon fiber and a layer of fiberglass in the middle.  We use the single layer of fiberglass to give the parts some resilience and flexibility. 100% carbon parts are very rigid and sometimes not the best way to make parts that see regular abuse from life and what we put the car through.

We make nearly every part with a CLEAR GEL coat as the 1st layer in the mold. Carbon fiber is the first layer and the last layer of fabric.

When the part is released from the mold it may have a few imperfections, which is somewhat common in this process.  To detail the clear finish parts takes a lot of time and if the imperfections are too substantial the parts end up getting primered gray or black to be used in a vinyl wrap or to be painted the same color as the car.  Most of the time an “imperfection” is a distortion in the weave/fabric or an air bubble that was trapped in the making of the part.  The blemishes are not structural.  In a structural imperfection, we toss the part altogether.



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