1. When I order and receive my spoilers from MaierEV, what kind of finish should I expect?
This is a very good question. There is “not” a standard that I am aware of currently for composites, or if there is, I have not heard of it, I have seen all kinds of finishes on composite parts around the world, in all price ranges and functions.  If you are machining metals you can specify a specific number finish you want to have.  Those finishes have become common in metal fabrication.  We do not have a standard that we are building products to.
I can say this. Many of the Tesla owners have had or have seen a BMW M3 and the gorgeous carbon fiber roof that BMW has crafted for them. In my opinion that is perfection! 100% perfect parts. To help manage expectations now, those roofs are nearly 100% automation. I am not sure human hands touch the parts. Hats off to BMW and the millions of dollars they spent to get that done.
We make each part by hand. No two parts are “exactly” the same. While we try very hard to make perfect parts; it doesn’t happen. Based on my own 30 years of making carbon fiber parts, these parts are pretty amazing given the processes, time, talent and materials involved. We work hard to sell good value products. The Tesla cars are in the range of $50-100k cars. They are not $400K Ferraris and we are not making parts for the Ferrari aftermarket.  Some of our customers have come to anticipate that the products will be on the fit, form & most of all finish of a Ferrari at this price point. We sell an entire kit for $3500+/-. One part of the Ferrari starts at $5k. We want happy customers yet we are not able to sell perfect parts at these quantities or these price points. It is important for our customers or prospective customers to make informed decisions. If you are still curious, feel free to call us to help with your decision, so no one is disenchanted with our products or services.  Charles Maier..
2. What is the difference between “Black gel coat” and “Clear” finish?

We make all the parts the same in the sense of materials; gel coat is the first layer down, then polyester resin with the reinforcements of carbon fiber, then a layer of fiberglass and finally an additional layer of carbon fiber.
When we use black gelcoat, it covers any small imperfections or pin hole bubbles in the lay up. These are non structural issues, simply cosmetic. When we use the clear gel coat, every little imperfection is visible and it takes a lot more time to get it looking great. Consequently the clear gel coat parts cost more from a time and material standpoint. We also clear coat over the clear gel gel coat with a PPG Polyurethane that is helpful with the UV protection. This is yet more steps of sanding, painting, sanding and buffing. The black or dark gray parts come with either a black gel coat finish or a dark gray primer finish that you can paint over or wrap.

3. What is the ground clearance difference compare to the OEM bumper lip (Front spoiler and Side skirt only)?

The Maier parts are not hanging any lower than the floor of the car. That said the front spoiler’s shape is extending forward of the nose an inch or so and makes is easier to hit for the lowered cars navigating the curb stones or parking lot concrete.

4. Will this affect range (as in gas mileage for gas cars) (Front and Rear spoiler only)

Our customers HAVE done millage test and reported back “no noticeable” range changes. It is challenging to get perfect results in imperfect testing methods so, we can not officially make black & white claims.

5. Does this void warranty?

The parts are bolt on or tape parts to the existing panels. We are not aware of any warranty concerns at this point. Tesla has tested some of our parts but has not come back with any conclusive statements.

6. How is it being mounted to the car? Do I have to drill any holes on my car?

The rear spoilers are (2) sided 3M tape only. The front spoiler and side skirts are mounted with tape and with 4 or 6 bolts. Holes need to be drilled ONLY to the Maier parts to fit up with the stock holes on the Tesla. Meaning, if you choose to take the parts off at some point, you can put the car back to original without addressing unnecessary holes.

7. Are they UV protected?

Yes, We use Polyester resin, marine UV stable gel coats and ultimately PPG polyurethane clear coat with a touch of black pigment.
While there are companies out there that argue the epoxies are the best way to laminate a part (I, Charles Maier, can say that since 1992, I have been using Epoxies & Polyesters) I choose to make these in Polyester and while there is a list of pros & cons to consider, we think the polyesters in the long run are the best solution for non yellowing, clear carbon parts over time.

8. How much does it weight?
The parts range is weight from 2 to 4 lbs depending on the item.
9. Is it real carbon fiber?

Absolutely… We use a custom woven plain weave fabric made by Composite Fabrics of America in Taylorsville, NC. This special weave is an 8 by 12 unbalanced warp & fill. Meaning, we have less toes or strands in one direction. It helps to separate the material a little allowing the fabric to lay flat against the surface of the part, giving the appearance of a fatter bundle. We love the look of this!!

10. Is fiberglass or polyurethane version available?

You are welcome to email us about making fiberglass parts if you like. We do NOT make a polyurethane option.

11. What materials are used to make the spoilers so I can repair them?

We use a ISO-tolic “polyester” resin. You can buy a compatible resin in small quantities at: Tap Plastics, Finish Masters, Lowe’s or Home Depot. The mix instructions will be with that kit.

As for the clear coat, we use a PPG clear. Cromax Premier LE LE8700S, Activator LE1005S.

12. How soon will my order ship?

We make every effort to stock these parts on the shelf. Given the current production, if we are out of stock you may wait up to a week for the item to be boxed up to ship. If the items are not in stock we will notify you immediately with an estimated delivery date and ask if you have any scheduling conserns. As we make them here in California, we can typically accomodate speedy turn around times.



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