PK Weave spoiler and side skirts

Maier has come up with a unique carbon fiber pattern inspired by Perry Kwok and Juan Cervera. The finish is very special and looks amazing in the sun. It is a bit more work to produce this end result. The spoiler comes painted with a High-End PPG Clear coat. It is the same shape as the traditional part we make. Conveniently it is easy to do spot repairs as the weave is not a woven pattern and the busyness of the material makes it hard to see fiber orientation. Some companies like Lamborghini make parts with a look that has been named FORCED carbon, this is not really the same process. At a glance it looks like it but our process is done differently. If you want something stunning and unique on your Model 3… this is a fantastic option.
We have decided to offer this NEW product at a price point that represents quality, uniqueness and something special.
We have decided to add something “extra” with each spoiler sold.
We are offering 1 of our watch bands along with each of these spoilers. Select a color and size.


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While we strive for perfect parts yet these parts are hand made and it is not unusual to find pin holes or imperfections in the finish.



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