What is the difference between “Black gel coat” and “Clear” finish?

We make all the parts the same in the sense of materials; gel coat is the first layer down, then polyester resin with the reinforcements of carbon fiber, then a layer of fiberglass and finally an additional layer of carbon fiber.

When we use black gelcoat, it covers any small imperfections or pin hole bubbles in the lay up. These are non structural issues, simply cosmetic.

When we use the clear gel coat, every little imperfection is visible and it takes a lot more time to get it looking great. Consequently the clear gel coat parts cost more from a time and material standpoint.

We also clear coat over the clear gel gel coat with a PPG Polyurethane that is helpful with the UV protection. This is yet more steps of sanding, painting, sanding and buffing. The black or dark gray parts come with either a black gel coat finish or a dark gray primer finish that you can paint over or wrap.

How is it being mounted to the car? Do I have to drill any holes on my car?

The front spoilers are mounted with tape and with 4 or 6 bolts.

Holes need to be drilled ONLY to the Maier parts to fit up with the stock holes on the Tesla.

Meaning, if you choose to take the parts off at some point, you can put the car back to original without addressing unnecessary holes.

Is it real carbon fiber?

Absolutely… We use a custom woven plain weave fabric made by Composite Fabrics of America in Taylorsville, NC.

This special weave is an 8 by 12 unbalanced warp & fill. Meaning, we have less toes or strands in one direction. It helps to separate the material a little allowing the fabric to lay flat against the surface of the part, giving the appearance of a fatter bundle.

We love the look of this!!

How soon will my order ship?

We make every effort to stock these parts on the shelf. Given the current production, if we are out of stock you may wait up to a week for the item to be boxed up to ship.

If the items are not in stock we will notify you immediately with an estimated delivery date and ask if you have any scheduling conserns.

As we make them here in California, we can typically accomodate speedy turn around times.

What customers say about us

I just wanted to reach out and let you guys know that it has been 2 years that I’ve had my MaierEv front spoiler (and the rest of the Maier kit) and after around 30,000 miles of daily driven, wife driven, many road trips including my most recent Yosemite trip, t
he full Maier kit is still in perfect condition, never had I scrape the lip kit, it still looks amazing as it did on day one.



The front spoiler is designed to reduce the amount of air going under the nose. A nice bi-product is that it also directs air up into the radiator. Additional cooling under significant spirited driving is helpful on the EV/Tesla. We found roughly 1 second in lap time improvement in this design.

We made these for a customer running in the Time Attack Global race event held at Buttonwillow, CA. The results we very positive dropping seconds off the lap times as a consequence of high speed stability.

Details: We use plain weave Toray carbon fiber 3k TOE, 200gsm dry. This is woven by Composite Fabrics of America in Taylorsville, NC. We also use a layer of fiberglass in the middle for impact or damage stability. We use polyester resins & clear gel coat for Marine applications to address the UV stability. NOTE: We have made epoxy parts for years.

Many will argue that epoxy is the only true quality product. I would have agreed PRIOR to this project. These parts see the daylight and sun year round. Very few products do well in the sunlight “even with” UV stabilizers. We have found the down side to epoxy is they don’t work well in the sun and with paints. Everyone says using Polyurethane paints over epoxy are the way to go. These statements are WAY to general and in our experience, not 100% accurate. While many people may wrinkle their noses at the polyester, we are rolling with it and believe this is the best material for the application.

While we strive for perfect parts yet these parts are hand made and it is not unusual to find pin holes or imperfections in the finish.


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We make these here in California by hand. Our goal is to make perfect parts yet, subtle distortions in the weave or pin holes in the gel coat are not unusual.
With the right materials, the install is relatively easy with: 3M adhesive promoter #06396 and double sided tape #06383. The part is designed to be bolted under the nose in 6 locations with 2 sided tape on the top leading edge. We would also suggest using 3M helicopter tape to protect the front surface from rock chips and road abstractions, 3M polyurethane protective tape 8674.

We make all of our spoilers the same way. Clear gel coat, carbon fiber, then fiberglass in the middle for some damage toughness, and finally carbon fiber.
When the part comes out of the molds, they need to get some refinishing and touch up work done. If there are un-repairable imperfections in the finish, like serious distortions in the carbon weave, we will primer it gray or black and sell it at a discount. In this case the customer will paint it the same color as the car or vinyl wrap it. It is a good quality part with a primer or painted surface to cover up cosmetic imperfections.

To get help with the install go to: http://www.brooksmotorcars.com/ Brooks Motor cars can do installation at their 3 locations, see Terry or Tony G – (510) 632-8901.

Parts size: 70.5″ by 20.5″ by 3.25″ 4 lbs.
Box: 71″ x 21″ x 5″ Goes UPS small package to most locations in North America.



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